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One of my trek comms has a chat room and they have a weekly writers' get together. I thought it might be nice for this comm, so I created a room.

The chat is now being run bi-weekly, on Friday nights (10 p.m.) and Sunday afternoons (2 p.m.). It should be someplace where you can brainstorm, try out new ideas, maybe run some writing challenges/games, etc.

There are also episode re-watches on Tuesday evenings (9 p.m.) and Sunday mornings (9 a.m.)

(All times above are New York City time, aka Neal and Peter time, aka E.S.T.)

Things to know about the chatroom:

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We have a fancy schmancy awesome chatroom set up by the awesome and talented angelita.  It is an IRC client-based room, and can be found here:


The old room, which (like Mozzie) has some kicking you out randomly and only working when it is in the mood issues, is still here, and can also be used whenever you like!

Hope you find it useful!

Heads Up for Chatters with Registered Nicks

If you chat with us the #wcwu chatroom and you have a registered nickname, please be sure to log in before October 2nd and use the identify command with your password. Freenode is removing all expired nicknames (those that haven't been identified in 120 days or more) on October 2nd. Their blog announcement about it is here.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, that's okay - you probably don't have a registered nickname. Primarily, we register nicknames to ensure that our preferred nick is available to us at all times. Also, it allows us to have 'ops' (operators, who can kick or ban trolls, rude people, etc). The funny thing is that 10 years ago, that was more important the other way around - we don't get much in the way of trolls at #wcwu. :)

Signups for White Collar Remix Now Open


Signups are now open for the first annual White Collar Remix. The White Collar Remix is similar to (but not quite the same as) the pan-fandom Remix Redux (we have slightly different rules about adding 'ships into fics).


If you have any questions, you will probably find your answers at RULES/FAQ/SCHEDULE. Or you can contact the mods at:

elrhiarhodan - Email at
theatregirl7299 - Email at

Mark your calendars - White Collar Remix Launches January 20

Have you ever read a story and thought "If I'd written this, it would have gone THIS way..."

Well now's your chance to do just that during the Inaugural White Collar Remix challenge.

Signups for the challenge begin January 20.

What’s a Remix, you ask? And how do I participate?

Anything you ever wanted to know about the WCRemix can be answered here - WCRemix Information

Don't forget to sign up for the community at wcremix, mark your calendars and prepare to unleash your inner Disney! (The greatest remixer of all time! Just ask Mozzie.)
Neal Sitting

Community Re-Watch Poll Results

It was a close race in the poll, and ultimately there was a three-way tie between Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Thursday will be out pretty soon when season six begins airing (7 Weeks, 3 Days from this posting), and Fridays haven't historically had a good chat turnout, so I think our best bet is to keep re-watch on Monday nights for now.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know below.

And join us tonight night at 9pm ET / 6pm PT / 1 am UTC (Tuesday) for Season 1 Episode 12 - Bottlenecked at Kiwi Webchat or Freenode Webchat (Note: Both links take you to the same chatroom.)

Thank you!!

(edited to change to fix the links and change the join us text to say tonight :D)
Neal Sitting

Community Re-Watch Poll

Hi all! We've started re-watching White Collar all over again in the WCWU chat, but we're thinking of changing the night. Currently, we re-watch on Mondays at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. The time wouldn't change so as to accommodate east and west coasters. If you're interested in joining us, or you already attend re-watches, please take a moment to take the poll below.

Poll #1981430 White Collar Re-Watch Night
This poll is closed.

What night would you like to have a re-watch?

Any day - I'll be there!
Damn you time zones! Damn you!
Will there be shirtless Bomer?
Will there be shirtless DeKay?

Thank you!
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Virtual Seasons?

Hey everyone,

Since our beloved show will unfortunately be over soon, I was wondering if there is any interest in continuing the adventures of Neal and Peter by doing a virtual season (or two...or three...).

I just cannot accept the fact that there are only six new episodes left for us to enjoy. :-(

So, if there are enough writers interested and willing to participate in a virtual season, I'd be more than happy to organize one.

For anyone who's not familiar with the concept of virtual seasons - this is basically a fan-based continuation of a TV show. There's no limit to the possibilities, which is the beauty of a virtual season. It can be a continuation of canon (in this case, we would have to wait until season 6 has aired and follow these events), it can be an alternative to an already aired season, it can focus on a specific character (e.g., a Mozzie spin-off) or it could be completely pre-series. Authors can decide to collaborate on a story arc that spans the entire virtual season or just write stand alones. The sky's the limit!

But the first step is to find enough writers (and, ideally, artists!), so... What say you all?
Neal Wince

WCWU Chat - Freenode/Kiwi Update

Hey all,

If anyone tried to get into chat last night and were unable to, it's because Freenode (who hosts the IRC servers that we use for chat) was under a denial of service attack. It was very widespread, but the Freenode staff (on Twitter @FreenodeStaff) is reporting that everything is back up and running pretty well now. I was able to log in through chat clients Textual and Colloquy and the Freenode webchat site.

I'll keep checking it today before re-watch and work on an alternative, if necessary.

Let me know in the comments or via email ( if you have trouble accessing the chatroom.


ETA : Update to the update - I was also able to log in using the Kiwi webchat site. Though it still has verbiage there about a DDoS attack (aka denial of service attack), their twitter feed is reporting that they're no longer under attack.